Jack & Rascal's

4401 Montano Blvd NW
Albuquerque, NM 87120

Phone: 505-503-1779

Please feel free to E-mail us with any questions! 


Getting to Jack and Rascal's is easy, from just about anywhere in town!

We are conveniently located at the northeast corner of Coors & Montano, at the southernmost end of Montano Plaza.  
A little bit of backstory....

Jack and Rascal's started humbly in the minds and dreams of it's three founders: Patrick and Samantha Sanchez and Cynthia Knott. All three owners brought a unique skillset to the table:  Patrick has an extensive background in retail and customer service, Samantha brought knowledge of customer service and animal care experience, and Cynthia brought the guts and bookkeeping know how. Together, the trio dreamed of starting a small, customer focused business in the pet industry and in October 2008, they took the plunge.

After legally forming the company, a site for the store was chosen and construction began.  In March of 2009, Jack and Rascal's officially opened their doors.  Through ups and downs (as with any startup), and with the help of our many great customers and family members, Jack and Rascal's has become the company you see here today.  It is a testament to the Albuquerque pet loving community that a startup could get off the ground in uncertain economic times and still remain intact to provide great service, products and jobs to our community.  We consider our customers as much a part of our family as our employees, and our undying thanks goes out to all who have supported us, and to those we haven't met just yet. 

Jack and Rascal's story continues to be written and here's to many more years of imporiving the lives of Albuquerque's pets and their people!

Meet us, the Owners!
Now, Meet the Rest of the Family!!
         Alisha Case               Nicole Gonzales              Crystal Lujan
         Cynthia Knott                Nycole White               Rayne Kracko
      Lauren Clipp                  Lanette Garcia              Michelle Baca
       Kaylee Owen                 Scott Wimmer             Tawny Trujillo
      Allison Sedillo               Demi Dembrino           Ciara Anderson