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For the safety of your pet, we DO NOT use heated dryers in this facility!!!

   *Prices will vary based on Dog's actual size, coat conditions, and temperament while grooming. Prices are not completely set until all services are completed, regardless of original price quote.  Every effort is made to keep prices reasonable and customers will be informed of significant changes prior to performing work. 

***By appointments only (some same day appointments available, please call to confirm) . If an appointment needs to be cancelled please give at least 24 hours notice to ensure proper scheduling for our groomers. 
NO SHOW FEES WILL BE APPLIED FOR EACH PET ON A SINGLE TICKET, where we were not called and informed to cancel the apppoinment!​

We use only the finest top quality products!

The term “natural” is not regulated by the FDA, so we’ve set high internal standards. Natural products should have:

 High concentrations of:
Plant-derived Antioxidants 
Renewable, sustainable, or organic Botanicals 
Wildcrafted, organic, or ethically harvested Essential Oils 
Minerals, Vitamins, and Essential Fatty Acids 
Plant-derived Proteins, Butters, and Oils 

None of these:
Sodium Lauryl

The Dirty Dog or Cat Package 
(Short Hair Bath & Brush)*

Includes a Hydrosurge Bath, Brush - 15 minutes, Ears, Teeth, clipped
 and Filed Nails, Anal Glands, and Blueberry Facial Scrub (removes dirt 
& debris - helps reduce tear stains) and a bow or bandana.

The Furry Dog or Cat Package 
(Haircuts or Long Hair Bath & Brush)*

Includes a Hydrosurge Bath, Brush up to 30 minutes, Ears, Teeth, Clipped and Filed Nails, Anal Glands, Blueberry Facial Scrub (removes dirt & debris - helps reduce tear stains) and haircut of your choice and a
 bow or bandana.

The FURminator*

The Furminator Treatment was designed for both dogs and cats with
long and short hair. It has been proven that within 1 or 2 treatments it
reduces shedding by up to 90%. 

FURminator deShedding Shampoo & Conditioner is enriched with Omega-3 fatty acids to help reduce excessive shedding and promote healthy skin and coats. Gently cleans without stripping natural oils to leave coats soft and shiny. Helps strengthen hair shaft and increase hair follicles to control unwanted shedding. Regular use helps reduce the amount of dander and hair in homes for a shed-less environment. Ideal for use in households with allergy sufferers.

This treatment is MUCH more involved than just using the Furminator brushes you have seen in stores. The magic is in the combination of the proprietary Furminator shampoo and conditioner and the professional force dryers and techniques we use.  Because of the amount of work involved, this process can take significantly longer than regular grooming procedures.  Your patience is greatly appreciated and will be rewarded with significantly lower shedding!

All FURminator treatments include a complimentary follow-up visit within one week of the initial treatment to get out even more of the shedding.  No appointment is required for your follow-up visit.  It only takes about 10 minutes and is done while you wait!

The FURminator treatment should NOT be looked at as a once or twice a year treatment.  Routine treatments will ensure your pet has a significantly lower amount of shedding all year long.

Can be added to any Dirty Dog/Cat Groom or Furry Dog/Cat Groom.​
Not avaliable A La Carte.

The NaturaLuxury Nutrient Masque Treatment*

The Nutrient Masque is a highly concentrated, exceptional deep conditioning treatment that restores body and strength to all types of hair, reducing  breakage and shedding as well as effectively eliminating tangles. Wheat proteins and vitamin-rich botanicals combine to impart natural beauty, promote all-around coat health, allowing the groom to last longer and creating an easier coat to maintain in between grooms. 

Great for Pets with skin problems (drandruff, bumps, itching, etc), skin allergies,  and full coated dogs.

Can be added to any Dirty Dog/Cat Groom or Furry Dog/Cat Groom.​

Not avaliable A La Carte.

The Creative Color Package*

If you see a dog with Purple ears or Blue Polka Dots, you can bet it’s a Jack & Rascal's client! Creative Color has never been more popular and we are excited to bring Grooming's Hottest trend to Albuquerque!!

Is it safe?
Absolutely!! Our colors are vegetable-based vegan-friendly
 Semi-permanent dyes. Careful research has been put into the brands we use, and we dedicate our time to ensure a positive color experience. 

Is it Bleach?
No. The National Association of Professional Creative Groomers and Professional Grooming Competitions have banned the use of bleach or peroxide, so we are following their example.

Will my dog like it?
Most dogs are THRILLED with the extra attention they receive.  

Can any dog be dyed?
No. We cannot color puppies under 6 months, very dark-colored dogs, or dogs with irritated skin or other health problems. 

How much is it? Do I need an appointment?
We offer Color Accents, which are dyed tails, paws, or ears. Prices range from $10-20 depending on combination and can be added at check in. We also offer Extreme Makeovers from pandas, tigers, Ladybugs, to bumblebees and superheros and anything else you can think of or bring in a photo of (depending on your pets coat condition). Please mention your interest in an Extreme Makeover when scheduling your appointment, as these take more time.  As you can imagine, results will vary and depend on a myriad of factors including coat condition, temperment during process, etc.  This service is intended to be fun and expressive for the pet and their parents, not for competition or permanent alteration.  Prices of Extreme Makeover will vary on desired look, pet size and condition.  

Not available A La Carte.

(can be added to a grooming package for an additional fee, but cannot be purchased on their own)

Express Groom
Creative Color
Nutrient Masque Deep Conditioning Treatment 
Hand Drying
Hand Scissoring
Specialty Cuts
Furminator Deshedding Treatment

A La Carte
(No appointment needed for these services! Just stop on by between opening and 4pm)

Anal Gland expression (external only)
 Brush outs and Blow-outs 
 Nail Cut & File
Teeth Brushing