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Our pet food committment is simple:  We won't sell something we wouldn't feed our own pets!

This means we will not sell foods that:
  • Contain Corn, in any form
  • Contain Wheat (not including treats)
  • Contain Soy, in any form
  • Contain Meat By-Products, i.e. "chicken by-product meal"
  • Contain Un-named ingredients, i.e. "meat and bone meal"
  • Contain Chemical Preservatives
  • Are made by companies with blatant ethical concerns or a lack of focus on what is best for the pets.

In browsing the lists of products below, keep in mind that a lot of research has gone into finding an extensive selection of "Approved" products.  While we can't have every variety of every brand in stock, we can easily get you just about anything.

While the list is not intended to be inclusive of all brands available, it's a reasonably safe assumption that if a food isn't there, we won't carry it for one reason or another.  This is generally because the food does not meet our strict standards and/or guiding principles.  You many notice that some very major and popular brands widely believed to be good pet food are very obviously missing from this list.  This was not an accident, they were left off intentionally and even though they are readily available to us (and we could probably sell a ton of it) we will not order or sell these products.
Look first at our list of "Jack and Rascal's Premier" brands designating the product as one of our favorites!  

Some reasons they may be a favorite of ours:
  • An all around, truly exceptional product
  • Company's dedication to ensuring excellent customer education by showing extensive support for independent pet stores.
  • Excellent quality and safety record

Brands currently stocked in the store.
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