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Cats Around Town (CAT) is an off-site adoption program created to help re-home adult cats outside the typical shelter environment. Animal Humane teams up with local cat-loving businesses and places adoptable felines in their stores. This increases each cat’s exposure to potential adopters and allows Animal Humane to care for more homeless pets.  

All cats adopted through Jack & Rascal's are provided by Animal Humane of New Mexico's "Cats Around Town" program, in which we foster the cats until they are adopted.  It has been our honor to be part of this innovative and extremely effective program that places cats in retail or other busy environments with the hope that increasing their visibility to the public with translate into more adoptions and more animals saved!  Last year, Jack & Rascal's was the program's #2 adopter by volume.  Will you help us (and the cats) be #1 this and every year to come?
Cats Around Town
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